CCI_3709_ppBorn and raised in Bay City, Michigan, I developed a fascination for photography as teenager.  Every week I would look forward to the newest edition of Sports Illustrated, just to admire and cut out the action photos to hang in my room. 

 After graduating from All Saints Catholic School, I attended the University of Dayton, where during my sophomore year I became involved with the school newspaper and year book, allowing me learn and put to use new photographic techniques.  Upon completion of college, I continued to pursue photography by doing freelance newspaper work and became the Sports Information Photographer for University of Dayton until 1996.

 God continued to bless me throughout the years, with a wife and 4 children, allowing me the opportunity to encounter many “KODAK MOMENTS”.   Even though my children are older and some have graduated I still take every opportunity possible to capture and cherish life long memories. 

 I love the gift that I have been given to capture life’s moments and turn them in to life long memories, if I can touch people with my talent then I consider myself successful.

 Although many years have passed since I began my photography career, I still have the same fascination as that young teenager racing to get Sports Illustrated, and still get excited with every opportunity to capture memories.

 Thank you for visiting my website!

 Bernie Connelly

Connelly Creative Images